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Yes! You are reading it correctly. We have an introductory YWV rate - first month is:
       Full Time from New Bedford for only $180.00
       Full Time from Taunton for only $135.00

       Please ask about our part time rates too.

With 6 vans and the ability to hop between to them we are sure we have a van for you. Save time, money and commute stress free. Contact us at info@yeswevan.org

                Here's what others are saying about Yes! We Van so 
                           come join us for a stress free commute.

"I was beginning to have anxiety attacks about the bus. I am an average size person and the bus seats are so tight my back and legs hurt while I commute. This morning when I got to work I was in such a better mood after riding in one of your vans." - John F (7/24/2013)

"My commute has never been so enjoyable or smooth as it has these last two days. Everyone has been welcoming. I can't imagine going back to my old way of driving in alone."
- Eileen M. (3/26/2013)

"I have been on the vanpool for six months now and I have enjoyed the benefits of
    1) not having to ride the red line (dirty, packed, and inreliable),
    2) not having to drive my car to work (can't imagine the costs between fuel, parking, and wear and tear on a car), and 
    3) not having to take the bus (longer tedious ride because of stops). 

I think people forget these items." -
Keith L. (2/25/2013)

"I recently left the vanpool due to a job promotion but encourage everyone and anyone who commutes to Boston from the Southcoast area to join Yes! We Van. I like that everyone looks out for each other and waits - even if you leave work a few minutes late. Thank you YWV for making the commute enjoyable!!!" - Kelly A. 

"I joined the vanpool on Jan 2 and have been very thankful - never more so than during this past snowstorm. Paul (our driver for the day) and those on the 640am van went above and beyond making the ride stress free and enjoyable. I was very thankful they waited for me in Taunton as I slowly made my way through the stormy weather to the Park n Ride. Thank you YWV especially the 640am van" - Barbara P. 

"I would like to thank you again for all your help. Your van cannot even compare to the other services out there. the perfect, affordable, friendly, family orientated commute. Yes We Van is the Best!!! Thanks." - Susan M.

"I want you to know how much I absolutely love this van. There is much less stress and negativity in my life. I haven't come home from the city and been gritting my teeth or stewing about anything since I started taking the van. Thanks again!" - Sharon L

"Just the two trips I took were better than my over 1 year experience on the bus. The riders look out for each other and the trips are far more enjoyable and comfortable" - Mark S.

"I have found the van to be very convenient and a great friendly environment!" - Brittanie M. 







      Join a growing family of riders who are enjoying a convenient, 
      safe and cost-effective method of commuting to Boston. 

      Mission Statement :

      Yes! We Van is dedicated to the riders of Southeastern Massachusetts. We will strive to provide a safe,
      cost-efficient and enjoyable commute with free commentary which can and will be deemed fun, thoughtful,
      informative, sensitive, sports-centric, culinary, political, and social.

      Winner of the 2010 Transportation Demand Management Award for Renovation

Save Money!

Looking to save money?
With Yes! We Van, commuters all over Southeastern Massachusetts are saving about $100 per month off their commuting costs.

Save Time!

No tickets! No waiting in lines! Boarding and unboarding with Yes! We Van is a snap with only a small group of Commuters per van.

Save Energy!

Get green! Reduce the number of vehicles on the road and help save energy.

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MassRIDES is a program of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) providing services to vanpoolers including Emergency Ride Home and rider incentives through NuRide.

Yes! We Van1
(Avg) $255.00
(Avg) $320.00
(Avg) $405.00
(Avg) $370.00
Travel Time
(One Way)
70 minutes
95 Minutes
90 Minutes
65 minutes
360 Minutes

1. Cost varies monthly based on total number of riders. Value above is the current 12 month-average
    from New Bedford to Boston.
2. Cost of the bus will vary depending upon the amount of business days during the month.
3. Cost of the train does not include the time/cost to and from the train station.
4. Cost does not include parking nor wear and tear on your vehicle. (Assumes 25mpg at $3.50/gl).
5. Time will vary greatly depending upon the strength of your legs. Cost does not include 
    replacement tire tubes.



Interested in becoming a new Rider?

Ride FREE for Three Days.

Refer a rider and earn $50.00.

Day riders are welcome!!!


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